Have you always wanted to fly?
Come get elevated with me!


If you've never done Acro before, this class is a great introduction!
If you're an experienced Acrobat, this class will help improve your skills,
increase your stamina and give you a great sweat! Bring your friends and
connect with them in new and exciting ways!


  • We are going to do lots of fun partner exercises using two or more people.
  • There will be strength and conditioning work.
  • The format will be more like a group fitness class than a yoga class.
  • I will not use a lot of yoga terms.
  • This will be higher intensity than your average yoga class! I want to make you sweat!
  • It will be at a gym.
  • I will talk about safety and we all have spotters, bases and flyers.
  • We will be doing some acro.
  • There will be conditioning work!
  • I will adjust the difficulty of the exercises and the Acro to accommodate everyone!


Bring a towel and water bottle with you because you're going to sweat!



Strength Lab Eugene

448 W. 3rd Avenue, Eugene Oregon

Next to REI


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In addition to expert strength training and healthy fat loss, I specialize in kettlebell training, bodybuilding, figure and bikini competition prep, powerlifting, barefoot/minimalist running, adventure racing and daily functional fitness that will empower you to meet any challenge!


I've lost over 80 lbs and completely transformed my body. I've kept the weight off for years and continue to improve every day. I will use my expert knowledge and experience to help you achieve results like mine!