BSFFitness Online:

 Personal, Professional, Customized Fitness When And Where You Want It!

Do you want to train with Better, Stronger, Faster Fitness, but don't live in the Eugene Area? Are you interested in accountability and top- notch exercise programming but need to train on your own time? In an effort to give existing clients more value, work with friends remotely who cannot train with me at Strength Lab Eugene and to provide lower-cost offerings to people who can't afford my full service, I'd like to announce the revamped BSFFitness Online Training!


Using the feature-rich Trainerize app, I'll be able to program your training, monitor your workouts, check your nutrition and even check your uploaded progress pictures. You'll be able to send me instant messages, track your progress and sign in on your phone or from your computer at home! I'm able to make sure you're on track and send you reminders to help keep you accountable! I'm really excited about all the possibilities this will open up! This app is really cool and will connect with MyFitnessPal and lots of other apps. It also gives me the ability to offer my clients something we've never done before, real meal plans! Instead of just offering IIFYM and flexible dieting nutritional guidance, I can give you an actual meal plan with a shopping list, tailored to your needs and activity! You can even pick the foods you like because it's customizable.


How much does it cost? I offer both exercise programming and nutritional guidance. These options are each $100/month ala carte or $175 a month for both! Existing clients who are already coming into Strength Lab to train with me can add the online training and nutrition plans with Trainerize for $20 a month.


Want to get fit? I've got your customized exercise plan, your custom diet/nutrition plan and everything but the gym for you right here. You'll get all the support you need, accountability and the ability to track your own progress! Contact me and get started today!

Virtual Training with Mike

All payments must be made using PayPal to for online programs. Once payment has been made, no refunds will be given. You'll receive an email with instructions and a link to download the Trainerize app.


Nutritional Guidance and Meal Plans!


This is for someone looking for nutritional support only. I promote a flexible diet (IIFYM) approach for a healthy way to achieve your goals and learn to live your life in balance. I do offer a "clean" meal plan approach as well as Paleo and Primal options, depending on what we discuss is better for you and your goals.


Nutrition Package Includes:

Macro breakdown for you as an individual based on your starting stats and current activity levels, macro adjustments as needed and supplement advice. If you need more structure, custom meal plans with shopping lists are also available for the same price! These meal plans are from Evolution Nutrition and are written by a dietician!
We customize them together to fit your goals.


*Monthly- $100



Customized workouts based on your current level of activity, goals and available tools.

I'll talk to you about your strengths and your weaknesses and program something safe and effective customized for you! This will give you results you can feel with the very first training session! 

You check in with the app when you train. I check in with you to keep you accountable. We progress your program as you need it, to make you strong and keep you injury free!.

Support through the Trainerize app. No nutritional guidance provided.


*Monthly- $100

Combination Package Nutrition and Workouts:


If you want both expert fitness programming and customized meal plans to give you the best results possible, this is the option for you! When your nutrition and your exercise programming is dialed in, you optimize your results and feel incredible while you do it!

This is the best of both worlds, the best results and a nice discount!

*Monthly $175

The Big Deal!


Do you want the elite training, the meal plans straight from a dietitian and an incredible deal on the whole package?

If you're really serious about your results, this option is the one you want. After three months of hard work and dedication to your nutrition, you'll look and feel like a new person! You'll be dropping pants/dress sizes and shedding fat with the largest savings!

12  weeks paid in full is only $450.00 It's a $75 savings!



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In addition to expert strength training and healthy fat loss, I specialize in kettlebell training, bodybuilding, figure and bikini competition prep, powerlifting, barefoot/minimalist running, adventure racing and daily functional fitness that will empower you to meet any challenge!


I've lost over 80 lbs and completely transformed my body. I've kept the weight off for years and continue to improve every day. I will use my expert knowledge and experience to help you achieve results like mine!