• Tina S.

    I was resigned to a life of being overweight and watching life happen around me. I thought my problems were anything from aging to a thyroid condition to diabetes (runs in my family). After multiple tests, the results were pretty conclusive... I ate too much and moved too little. I tried to diet, but that didn't work for me because I truly have little self control. I knew I would need to move more and needed someone I could trust to see me through all of it.

    Mike was my knight in shining armor. He helped get me on a diet and exercise plan that I could stick with. He let me know that this was not a for now solution, but a forever way of living. Since working with Mike, I've never once been hungry. In fact, I think I eat more now than I ever have, just the quality has changed. As far as exercise, I've done everything from distance running, biking and yoga to power lifting and just about everything in between.


    Since working with Mike, I've lost 50lbs, run 3 half marathons, bike commute to work 8 miles each way daily, enjoy hikes with my dogs and friends. I'm even thinking about going into bodybuilding someday.


    I'm 43 years old. I thought my life was all about slowing down and getting older. I can tell you right now that since Mike's been my trainer, I'm more alive and active than I ever was in my 20's and nothing can stop me now!


    Thank you Mike for giving me my life back!


    -Tina S.

  • Jim

    "If it doesn't feel pervy while you do it, you're not doing it right," chuckled Mike Welch, demonstrating kettle bell swings during our first session. Come to think of it, repeatedly thrusting my groin forward with a weight dangling (dangerously close to my reproductive system) between my legs, did feel a tad pervy, not to mention crazy.


    On another occasion when my shocking lack of flexibility stopped me from being able to complete a seemingly simple exercise, Mike strongly encouraged me to continue trying to improve my flexibility as the lack of it could lead to a sad later life of falls, broken bones, assisted living, etc. He was only half joking.


    Mike made it clear early on that our workouts weren't just to increase my feelings of self love ("Curls for the girls" is so junior year in high school!) in front of the mirror, though those weren't discouraged. The main point of these sessions was to improve my strength, endurance and flexibility so that I might enjoy a robust life replete with varied activities and not be hindered by many of the attendant downsides of aging (I recently turned 40).

    "If it doesn't feel pervy while you do it, you're not doing it right," chuckled Mike Welch, demonstrating kettle bell swings during our first session. Come to think of it, repeatedly thrusting my groin forward with a weight dangling (dangerously close to my reproductive system)


    Mike combines simple exercises on machines and free weights that I had done before as well as free weight exercises with a variety of movements that made me initially feel as if I were a baby deer using my legs (and the rest of my body) for the first time. Oh how I cringe when I hear Mike, grinning maniacally, bellow, "Time for Turkish get ups!"


    Mike makes you sweat like it's the hottest day of summer and work till your brain is sending messages to non-responsive muscles but is quick with encouragement, humorous and otherwise, and a timely assist in completing a rep for peace of mind. His knowledge of the human body and the weight room is impressive. His compassion for all fitness levels and abilities, while not always evident in his choices of exercise (goblet squats followed by lunges...OUCH!), is readily apparent in his patient demeanor and focus on the positive.


    Come see Mike Welch for a Genuine Fitness experience not soon to be forgotten by you or your invigoratingly sore muscles!




  • Rachel D.

    In January 2013 I decided I needed to make a change and get my weight and health back on track. In the past few years I had ballooned up to more than I had ever weighed in my life due to chronic pain, health issues, and the bad eating habits that formed out of boredom, frustration, and depression. My cholesterol was sky high and I was pre-diabetic.


    I began avidly counting calories and cutting inflammatory foods from my diet. Although I was making small progress, I was frustrated at having little direction on how to get to my goals and decided to get additional help. I began working with Mike Welch in Feb 2013.



    When we started working together I had not been able to exercise regularly in years and was very scared to exercise due to the severe muscle spasms and pain I would get. Mike was very attentive to my condition and always made sure that the exercises he gave me were ones that I should be able to do without triggering my condition and would always follow up on how I was doing physically. Mike also had me more closely track what I was eating and has given my valuable nutrition information and suggestions that have helped keep me on track.



    In the last 7.5 months I have gone from being happy to be able to walk a couple miles once a week to

    running and lifting weights. I have lost over 40 pounds and have come down more than 17% body fat

    with Mike. I love every minute I get to spend lifting weights and it has helped me to go through day to day life doing the things that used to bother me without going into muscle spasms. Mike has successfully helped me to no longer need my muscle relaxers or neurontin that allowed me to function, my confidence has gone up and I love feeling myself getting stronger and healthier every day.


    Best of all, I feel like I have my life back, only better than it ever was and it just keeps getting better.


    Thank you Mike, you're a lifesaver!

  • Biz

    I started training with Mike (Better, Stronger, Faster Fitness) almost a year ago. It has been a great experience.


    He has a broad repertoire of exercises (most of which don't use machines). This keeps me engaged in what we are doing and I'm definitely doing things I would never do on my own. I also find that I push harder and do more that I would if I was trying to do it on my own.

    I believe the private gym experience is an important factor in my willingness to take risks and push myself (it's only trainers with clients there so not a lot of people and no one to judge). Mike is supportive and creates an environment where I feel comfortable trying things that I'm not sure I can do. I can identify with Mikes story and I know he can relate to where I am and how hard, frustrating, By taking risks I'm achieving more.


    I do partner training (so I work with a buddy) and Mike works around our crazy, ever changing schedules to make sure we get in each week. Mike also works around our stress and energy levels (as well as injuries) to adjust our workouts to where we are on any given day. I'm always sweaty and tired by the end and I always feel like I get my monies worth (and then some).


    I've already sped up my 5k time by almost a minute and I've found muscles in my arms I didn't know I had. If you are considering training I definitely recommend meeting with Mike to discuss your goals and all the ways he can help to achieve them.



  • Heather

    Working out with Mike has improved my yoga tremendously - stronger than I've ever been. It's also helped a ton with core strength which has reduced my lower back pain (I sit all day for work!). Mike is very supportive and always pushes me more than I can push myself.



  • Rhonda

    Had my initial phone consultation with Mike today. Very motivational! Can't wait to work more with him!



  • Cass Averill

    I'm a big fan of Mike! He does a great job at really focusing in on what my goals are and helping me stay focused and reach them. He is specialized at helping overweight desk jockeys like myself get active and stay healthy while preventing injury. He takes my life, habits, activities, and priorities into consideration when making a specialized plan for me and goes above and beyond in the research department to make sure his recommendations are backed by hard science. He's a great communicator, motivator, and really knows his stuff. I've met few people who can kick me into shape quite like Mike and highly recommend him to anyone, no matter your physical history or training goals. Thanks Mike!!

  • Rachel Crist

    Mike is the bomb! I like being pushed during my workouts and Mike is great at leaving me tuckered out (and feeling like a total bad-ass), but not completely dead the next day! Which is exactly what makes him a great trainer. He's also exceptionally knowledgeable and can tell you the why and how for every exercise, which really helps inspire you to get through whatever activity he's concocted. To top it off he's fun, doesn't mind it when I get sassy and mixes up workouts so they stay interesting. Overall, makes my sessions w/ him something to look forward to every week. Yay Mike!

  • Layla Marie

    Mike Welch is an awesome trainer! In just a few short weeks of training I can already see a physical difference in my overall physique. I’m eating better, I’m stronger, and feel great! One of my favorite things about Mike is his knowledge and ability to mix things up. No matter what, he always has something new and challenging up his sleeve. From Kettle Bells to dead-lifting and huge rope swings to crazy ab workouts, Mike has the ability to train people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

  • Tanesha Smelser

    5 star!  Absolutely the only place I recommend to my friends. The gym is clean. Mike is positive and rational, with a wealth of knowledge. His methods are fun and effective and I always leave the gym feeling like I'm better than when I came in. 5 stars for sure.

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